Wisdom Shede Baijiu



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单位: 箱(每箱6瓶)

Wisdom Shede Baijiu

Mellow and smooth, delicate and round, sweet and clean, with a long-lasting finish.

Base liquor age: ≥8 years

 Fragrance type: Strong aroma

content: 500ml

Alcohol content: 52%vol


The term “shede” not only embodies the philosophy of self-improvement among contemporary elites, but also represents a wisdom rooted in Chinese tradition, which embraces the world with an open heart. Shede Wisdom Liquor is aged in oak barrels for over 8 years and further enhanced with rare aged liquor aged for over 15 years, creating a reward for the wise.

The core strategic product of the Shede series, launched in 2018.

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Product Details

The Wisdom Shede Baijiu is made using rare spirits aged for over 15 years and stored for over 8 years in its original jars. The nose is aromatic with floral and vegetal notes. Smooth and mellow on the palate with a light yet lingering sweetness on the finish. Pair with spicy dishes, chicken and seafood.



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