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About Us

About Us

Since 2013, our pioneering work has helped Canada introduce and create high-quality Chinese liquor categories, which not only meets the growing needs of Asian consumers, but also meets the Canadian wine market’s demand for wine products in the emerging world. chase. We are committed to innovation and provide our partners with excellent service and expertise.

Baiwan Wines was founded in 2010 by Bing Wan, a Chinese baijiu marketing expert, who has led the introduction of baijiu during the reformation of China. In the early 1990s, he successfully exported Wuliangye to Australia and was one of the largest distributors for brands like Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Lang Jiu, and Quanxing Daqu in Chengdu. He introduced and successfully sold an enormous amount of baijiu to every corner of the country and has been repetitively credited as a National Baijiu Distributor of Excellence by Luzhou Laojiao. Bing also supervised and held decisive actions in the construction, administration, and promotion of National Cellar 1573. He is one of the earliest practitioners to transform the liquor industry in China from a wholesale-based economy to a retail-focused economy and a pioneer of utilizing the bulk-buying sales model in China. Using the early internet e-commerce platforms in China, Bing sold liquor online as early as 1996.

In 2001, Bing founded the Gourmet Union that combined liquor takeout with dining, a bold move when the internet was just seeping into everyday lives. He is also a proud promoter of OEM products between liquor retailers and world-renounced distilleries. Bing founded his company in Canada in 2010 and launched his new journey of introducing Chinese liquor, baijiu, globally –  free from being bound by world boundaries, along with China’s unique baijiu culture that has been aged for thousands of years.

Picture: At the end of the ’90s, the famous magazine of the baijiu industry reported on Bing’s transformation from a wholesaler-based economy to a retailer-based version.

Baiwan Wines have been working with the Canadian market for a decade. We have successfully introduced Luzhou Laojiao, Wuliangye, Lang Jiu, Tuopai Shede, Red Star Erguotou, Jiang Xiaobai, Yun Jiu, and other national Chinese baijiu brands into the mainstream market. 

Our focus is to promote our brands and the Chinese liquor culture in Canada. We established the Toronto National Cellar 1573 Golf Club that has acted as a business card. During our operation, three National Cellar 1573 International Golf Invitational Tournaments were held that gathered loyal consumers and Chinese liquor culture enthusiasts. At the same time, the Toronto National Cellar Association is created alongside the Toronto Chinese old Brand Liquor Exchange Group, both of which have exceptional influence on Canadian consumers. 

Picture: The annual Toronto National Cellar 1573 International Golf Invitational Tournament was held in Toronto National Cellar Club.

In 2018, we invited ten National-level Sichuan chefs from China to Canada for the Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet held in Parliament Hill, Canada’s highest administrative center, in Ottawa. For the first time in Canadian history, Sichuanese cuisine and Chinese liquor were served on the tables in Parliament Hill to celebrate the traditional Chinese Mid-autumn Festival. Dozens of Canadian federal ministers and members of Parliament were present to taste the liquor and food. Ambassadors from South Korea, Italy, and other countries had also attended the banquet. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was in a meeting at the United Nations, has sent a video message to celebrate. Ambassador Lu Shaye of the Chinese Embassy in Canada led several counselors to attend the banquet. 

Following the celebration, a National Day Banquet event was held in Toronto that showcased Chinese food and liquor more incisively and vividly. Those two events sparked great sensation and welcoming response in Canada, where many Canadian and Chinese media have made extensive news reports on them.

The community is an integral component and we value our local community in its education and health. Together with our partners, we sponsored numerous public welfare activities. We are also the permanent sponsor of the Spring Festival Gala of Sichuan Association in Toronto and the largest sponsor of the Sichuan Association in Vancouver.

Picture: Parliament Hill Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet and Toronto National Day Banquet.

In the past decade, under our unremitting efforts, baijiu has made pioneering progress from zero to blooming in LCBO, the largest chain liquor sales organization in Canada and the world. We became the leader of the baijiu industry in LCBO alongside Chinese liquor culture enthusiasts and followers in Canada. Some of them were invited by Luzhou Laojiao to attend the opening ceremony of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Moscow, the Luzhou Laojiao Romantic Banquet, as well as the opening match of the Australian Open Cup in Australia. Others have become Luzhou Laojiao Brand international promotion Ambassadors”. In 2018, we were commissioned by Xinhua News Agency in Canada to write for China’s Ministry of Commerce on the status of baijiu in overseas markets – there is a blue ocean in overseas markets, and its name is baijiu.

Picture: Chinese liquor being sold at LCBO.

In 2021, we organized the first Canadian Yun Jiu essay contest that has attracted country-wide attention and response to coordinate with the launch of Guizhou’s Yun Jiu in Canada. It has attracted more than one million views within a month. This contest was praised by the Chinese community in Canada as “a great act of kindness during the COVID-19 pandemic”. The 2021 Toronto Spring Chinese Old-brand Liquor Online Exhibition was also a great success, creating a Chinese old-brand liquor craze in Toronto, Vancouver, and other cities in Canada.

We are the pioneer of the Chinese liquor market in Canada and the communicator of Chinese liquor culture in Canada.

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